Ecommerce Websites and development | RA Creative
Easily Manage Products
Add, edit and delete your product descriptions, prices, attributes, categories and images via the online administration portal.

  Bulk Product Upload - Loadsheet
Upload your products en masse using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, saving time and ensuring all information is correct.

Built-in Stock Control
Set your products to virtual stock (always available) or set the stock value for each product. You can upload your entire stock book using a .csv file.
  Search Engine Optimisation
Edit any page's Meta information - page title, keywords, description and search engine friendly URL's.

Proven Checkout Journey
Millions of customers travelling through our checkout has allowed us to tune and refine the process, improving customer conversion rates.

  Administration Dashboard
The customisable administration portal dashboard displays a number of informational widgets showing sales information, recent orders, quick order/customer/product search and much more.

What Next?
To guide you through all of the features of our ecommerce platform, call us on 0116 2692017 or email for more information

PCI Compliant
The Ceamless checkout process has been developed to meet the latest PCI compliancy standards, ensuring maximum security and integrity of customer and credit card data.

Modular ecommerce development, providing a flexible platform for your ecommerce website and fully content managed by you. Use as a stand-alone application or easily integrate into your accounts and stock control system.
Suggestive Search
Suggestive/predictive search results as you start typing. Helps customers find products quickly even if misspelt or sounds alike.

  Rotating Banners
Easily add banners via the administration portal, linking to pages and products within your website. You can add rotating banners to any page.

Intelligent Navigation
Navigation options refine as a customer searches your website. Quicker and more accurate route to your products.
Create promotions using special codes for your customers. Example: 10% off if you spend more than £50 - use promo code "PROMO10".

Proven Checkout Journey
Millions of customers travelling through our checkout has allowed us to tune and refine the process, improving customer conversion. 

  Multiple Images
Upload unlimited multiple images for each product and variants, with the ability to set the default image via the administration portal.

Dynamic Drop Down Navigation
Main category navigation at the top of the page is an easily editable drop down dynamic menu, making it easy for customers to find popular categories.
  My Account
Your customers can see order updates, edit/add billing and delivery address details and change their password via the integrated My Account area.
Integration in to your Accounts and Stock Control, Order Management
Integrate products, stock and orders directly into your sales order processing software.

Product & Stock Integration  
Upload base or full product data from your internal systems ensuring SKU/Product Identity consistency. This information can be enhanced for Search Engine Optimisation purposes using the online administration portal.

Order Integration
Orders taken online can be directly integrated into your accounts systems (e.g. Sage, SAP, Oracle, and other third party systems), removing the need to re-enter order information, improving data accuracy and order processing efficiency.

Easy to use Administration Portal

Manage your products, edit pricing and stock via the administration portal. Easily search and sort orders, update the order status (despatch, refund, cancel, etc.) and check payment information, helping you to maintain a great customer service level.
Migration from your current website
We specialise in the secure transfer of data from your current website to a new Ceamless ecommerce website.

Products, Customer Data and Stock Book
Transferring customer data (addresses, passwords, previous order history if available) is essential in creating a seamless transfer to your new website, removing the need to re-register, improving your customer's browsing experience.

Search Engines
We will check that all pages are indexed within the search engines and correctly redirect them to your new enhanced pages, maintaining and improving your search engine rankings.